The Weekly Wrap

Great to see all students, staff and families back at school last week. Upcoming Thursday 8/2 – School Photos for new students / staff Tuesday 13/2 – Acquaintance Evening Wednesday 21 February – Growth and Development Parent Sessions run by KidzBiz – Booking details to come. 6.40 pm – Where

World Taekwondo

KIDS TAEKWONDO Resilience, Confidence, Discipline, Respect. BLACKWOOD Blackwood 21 Hall 21 Coromandel Parade Classes on Monday 6.30 pm or Friday 5.30 pm CRAIGBURN Craigburn Primary Schl Gym 15 Murrays Hill Rd Classes on Thursday 6.30 pm Term 1 enrolments open now · Children can start at the age of 5

Second Hand Uniform Shop News

The current opening times for the Second Hand Uniform Shop are: TUESDAY           2.45pm – 3.30pm WEDNESDAY     8.45am – 9.15am THURSDAY        2.45pm – 3.30pm FRIDAY              8.45am – 9.15am If you have any questions outside of these hours, please contact the Front Office. NOTE:  NEW uniforms, hats and bags can be ordered

The Weekly Wrap

Welcome back to all Craigburn families and friends. The Weekend Wrap has now become the Weekly Wrap and aims to provide families with relevant information, key events, things to note and friendly reminders for the week ahead as well as a short summary of the previous school week. We look

The Weekend Wrap

Thanks for taking the time to read through this weekend’s wrap. Last Week Reception Transition Visit – 3rd Visit – welcome to all new families. Year 6 Camp – El Shaddai, Wellington. Upcoming Tuesday 5/12 – Craigburn’s Got Talent Wednesday 6/12 – Police horses visiting – R/1 classes involved. Thursday