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BYO iPad Parent Induction Sessions

Upcoming Parent Induction Sessions Induction sessions are designed for families of students in Years 2 – 7, who: would like their child to participate in the program whose child / children already participates – and would like a refresher course would like their child to participate but have not yet purchased

BYO iPad Program Update 2017

As you would be aware Craigburn Primary School launched a voluntary BYO iPad program for students in Years 2 – 7 in early 2016. Throughout the early stages of the program we have experienced many successes and some challenges along the way. These have included: approximately 180 students who have taken

BYO iPad Program – Update

Parent Induction Sessions for Years 2 – 7. We are offering the next round of parent induction sessions for families of students in Years 2 to 7 who wish to participate in our BYO iPad program. Please note the following dates below: Monday 25th July – 6.30pm – 7.45pm – evening session

BYO iPad Update – Induction Program

As you would be aware, we have been carefully planning our BYO iPad Induction program which has involved a significant amount of time and work. To enable and support a successful induction program we have focussed on ensuring the key elements of the program are clear and well understood by

We thank all parents and carers who have taken time to consider their child’s / children’s participation in the Voluntary BYO iPad program at Craigburn and completed the ‘online expression of interest form.’ At our recent acquaintance evening – teachers provided a summarised handout of our initiative to families who