Our first transition day for the children starting school in 2018 is this Wednesday 15/11. How fast a year can go!!
Our class will be relocated to the science room for the next 3 Wednesdays (week 5,6,7) and will have Ms Fokkens as the teacher. The children will need to take their bag to the science room in the morning and will be dismissed from there as well. The science room is room A7, behind the staff room.
Thank you for your understanding and support with this room change. It is lovely for the kindy children to see what their classrooms will look like for next year, just as your children were able to do last year.
Genna 😊

Week 6- Term 3

Week 6
I hope everyone has had a nice weekend! Just a few reminders for the week ahead…

Our Footsteps dance program starts this week on Thursday. Our lesson starts at 8:50am, so we will be doing the roll a little early- around 8:40am. Please meet us in the hall if you arrive and we are not in the classroom.

Father’s Day Stall-
We have our Father’s Day still this Wednesday. Please bring along some money in a named purse/wallet ($10 maximum please) and a plastic bag ready to buy Dad or Grandpa some special treats. Our buddies will be coming with us!

Book Fair-
Our school book fair starts this Wednesday. It will be set up in the library and you can go to purchase books before and after school. This will be open for one week.

School Closure Day-
Just a reminder that Friday is a school closure day.

Looking forward to another busy week!
See you tomorrow- Genna 😊

SRC representatives for Semester 2

Today we acknowledged our new SRC representatives for Room 22 for the second semester- Amelia and Tyson. Congratulations! We are really excited for you to take on this responsibility!
We would also like to thank Sophie and Atticus for all their hard work as our SRC representatives for semester 1. Thank you for being wonderful role models in our school and representatives for our class.


Welcome back to Term 3

Welcome back to school for Term 3 and what a great first week back we have had! It has been wonderful to hear about all about your holiday stories and adventures. The children have settled back into the school routine with ease- I know how hard it can be getting up to an alarm again!

We start sharing again next week. Sharing topics are as follows. This was sent home in hard copy as well.

Just a reminder that we have school photos this week on Tuesday 1/8. We are the first class to have our photos taken just after 9am. Please bring in your photo envelope (whether you are purchasing photos or not) on Tuesday morning. Thank you!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



Reminder- pupil free day Mon 3/7 and Toy Week for sharing

Just a reminder that we have a pupil free day Monday 3/7 and next week is Toy Week for sharing. Have a lovely few days rest and we will see you on Tuesday for the last few days of the term. Term 2 has flown! The children have been working very hard to keep it all together, even though they are exhausted and ready for the holidays. Thank you again for all your support- Genna 😊