1. spelling: sounds of A

    March 1, 2018 by rebeccahepworth801

    In spelling this week we have been looking at the 5 sounds of A.  Understanding that letters can create many different sounds can help us with our decoding in reading and spelling.

    We started by first discussing the sounds:
    Long a as in car
    Short a as in flag
    ar  as in ask
    or as in all
    o as in wash

    We then broke into groups and went on a word hunt to find examples

    We came up with quite a few examples and some words created a bit of a debate as we had to work out which  sound the letter A made (accents can make a difference!)  We hope to add to our list as we keep investigating words and sounds (phonograms) during our spelling and literacy lessons.

  2. Team Building Day

    February 13, 2018 by rebeccahepworth801

    On Thursday afternoon the year 5-7 students got into teams for our Team Building Day.  The first challenge was to come up with a name, organise the bandanas in team colours and create a “walk” for the catwalk – some were very creative!

    Here are some things the students in our class wrote about the day:

    “Friday I was excited.  It was team bonding day!  Team Bonding Day is about having fun and making new friends”  Anna

    “In the morning we went to the oval and did a race running with a rubber chicken between our legs.  It was fun!”  Wil

    In the sponge challenge our team came up with a good plan which won us second place.  We got very excited at the end”  Peter

    With pasta and sticky tape we had to make the highest tower. It was fun”  Imogen

    “We got iceblocks at the end of the day.  It was a fun day and I want to do it again”  Shawn

  3. Maths investigation

    February 13, 2018 by rebeccahepworth801

    Today in maths the students took part in a problem solving investigation.

    Working in small groups they were encouraged to talk about their maths and use different strategies to solve the problem, ensuring all members of their group took part with their ideas.

    Students used a variety of methods to work out possible answers such as patterns, times tables, counting, trial and error, pictures, mental strategies and estimation.  After the lesson they had some valuable discussions with each other talking about how their groups had worked together and what mathematical strategies they had used.

  4. Spelling

    February 6, 2018 by rebeccahepworth801

    This week in our class we started our spelling program and begun by investigating phonograms.

    Phonograms are the units of sound we hear when we say a word.  Some phonograms are made up of a single letter like c – a- t (3 phonograms) and some are made up of multiple letters such as eigh-t (2 phonograms) and ch-i-l-d (4 phonograms)

    This morning we went on a phonogram hunt to find words that had multiple phonograms.

    Being able to hear the sounds in words will assist students in their ability to apply and consolidate strategies that we will learn over the year and in turn, support spelling words correctly, reading and comprehension.

  5. First Day Back

    January 29, 2018 by rebeccahepworth801

    What a busy and exciting day we had for the first day of Term One 2018.

    We spent some time this morning getting to know our class mates by taking part in a “Human Treasure Hunt”

    Students had to find people that fit a range of descriptions which was a great way to start up some conversations with others they may not know very well yet.


    We also discussed everybody’s right to feel safe at school and that we all have a right to learn.  Students brainstormed in groups how this would look in our classroom and around the school.  Some ideas they came up with were that we should all be kind to everyone, allow others to make mistakes, respect all differences, stay focused on our own learning and not distract others, listen to students and staff and be organised.

    We will follow this up tomorrow with an activity that will create an “X-chart” which will allow students to think about what a successful student and what a successful teacher looks like, feels like, sounds like and thinks like.

    Setting the scene is really important at the beginning of the year to develop a sense of belonging, learning and behaviour expectations and give students a voice into what our classroom and school will look like.

  6. Term One Newsletter and Term Overview

    January 29, 2018 by rebeccahepworth801

    Please see below for a copy of the Newsletter and Term Overview that came home today. Please let me know if you have any questions of comments.

    newsletter T1-1u2liju

    parent overview t1-2689lwn



  7. Year 4/5 Camp

    November 24, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    For camp this year we went to the Aldinga Caravan Park.  There were fun things to do like jumping on the jumping pillow, playing on the court and the playground.  We had water activities on the second day, we went to the beach to make sand sculptures and made traditional Aboriginal Wadlis.
    By Eliza


    The bus trip was really fun and funny.  I spent all of free time on the jumpy pillow.   By Nathan


    I saw a stumpy tail lizard and we heard rushing in a bush. I liked the boomerang painting,  we could make a story for our painting my story was a hot day at the campsite. It was fun to be creative and every one’s was different. We leant about always being positive and happy. The food was really good and the games before dessert was really fun.  Overall it was really fun to hang out with friends for three days straight.   By Matilda


    My favourite activities were the bush walk, eating the fish baked in clay and the Wadli building.  My favourite food was the Lasagna and the pancakes for breakfast.  Camps are important because you develop independence from your parents.   By Tom


  8. Spelling Term 4

    October 30, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    This term we are examining, discussing and understanding Latin and Greek roots of words which will help students not only with spelling but also to understand literal meanings.  The national curriculum requires that students need to: Understand that the pronunciation, spelling and meanings of words have histories.  Our spelling lessons have been a really interesting way to apply this to our learning and the students have become quite engaged in finding out where words they use everyday come from and how these roots combine to result in a meaning of a word.

    So far we have looked at the meaning of words such as mono (meaning one) in words such as monologue and monotone, bi (meaning two) in words such as bilingual and tri (meaning three) in words such as tripod and trilogy.

    This week we are finding out about the Greek roots micro (meaning small) in words such as microphone, mega (meaning great), hyper (meaning over or beyond) and the Latin root super (meaning over or above) as in superimpose.



  9. Do It In a Dress

    October 20, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    What an amazing end to last term!  We raised over $300,000 for our school fundraiser – thats over 1000 girls educated, and I am so proud of how the students in B9 handled all the attention.

    After discussing inequality  for girls in some countries around the world we had looked into doing something to help the charity One Girl who raises money for girls education in Uganda and Sierra Leone.  With the backing of the SRC and the school community we went ahead and organised the casual day.

    After a misguided tweet about what we were doing things went a little crazy!  With the support of the minister for education, Josh Thomas the comedian and many, many others, the donations started flooding in.

    We were able to use the experience to learn about the power of social media, how to turn something negative into a positive and that we really can make a difference.  When the media came in to our room on the casual day the kids remained calm and focused and never lost sight of what was important.  Educating girls.

    What a wonderful learning experience for them and for me!  A special thank you to the rest of the school and community (local, national and global!) for supporting the cause.  An extra special mention to our principal Paul Luke who had to handle all the media and behind the scenes drama.  His support meant a lot to me and the kids.


  10. Street art

    September 28, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    This term in art we have looked at some examples of “street art” and discussed the difference between that and graffiti.


    We talked about the impact street art can have in urban spaces and some of the reasons it might be created.

    The students then had a go at creating some street art in their books and experimented with making their pictures look 3D and the way shadow and shading can have an effect on the final piece.

    They then chose a final sketch to produce using pastels.



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