1. Spelling

    September 4, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    In spelling we have been focusing on prefixes and suffixes. Today we were investigating the suffix ion.

    Students had to sort some words using the base word ending plus the suffix. They grouped the words then discussed what they noticed about the spelling and sounds as well as how the meaning changed.

  2. Science Show

    August 21, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    On the 21st August we had a Liquid Nitrogen Show.  I really enjoyed seeing all the experiments and the explosion most of all because it looked so cool and we got to stand in the mist.  It was a big tub of Nitrogen and they added boiling water.  I also really enjoyed when they added Liquid Nitrogen to the  boiling water and washing up liquid and made the bubbles fly.  The best part was learning new things.  I learnt that if you fill a bottle with Liquid Nitrogen and put a balloon on top the balloon will fill up and freeze and explode with a massive bang.  Though I have one question. What would happen if you put a sponge in the Liquid Nitrogen?

    Today we went and saw the Liquid Nitrogen Show where two people from Sciworld came and showed us some experiments.  One  of the experiments was when a ball went into the Liquid Nitrogen and the air inside the ball turned to a liquid and froze. It didn’t bounce as high as the other ball that wasn’t put in the Nitrogen. Two things I enjoyed were learning about the Liquid Nitrogen and getting a bit wet at the end when she mixed hot water with Nitrogen.  A question I would have liked to ask is how do you make Liquid Nitrogen?

    My class, Mrs Bellette’s class and Miss Fischer’s class all went to the SciWorld Liquid Nitrogen Show.  Two things I enjoyed were the last two experiments which were the big explosion and the foam rocket because it was big and exciting.  One thing I’ve learnt from the show was that Liquid Nitrogen is strong enough to break a refrigerator.  One of the experiments was when the Milo tin lid popped off when Liquid Nitrogen was put in because the gas is expanding which caused it to pop off.

    Today Tash and Erin came to our school to talk to us about matter and Nitrogen.  Two things I really enjoyed were the end two experiments. One of them was adding hot water to the Nitrogen and making a big fog cloud.  The other one was adding Nitrogen to how water an detergent, making lots of bubbles come onto us.  Something I learnt was that if you put Nitrogen onto a balloon it will deflate and when you take it out and leave it for a minute or two it will blow back up.  In one of the experiments they put some Nitrogen in a milo container and put the lid on.  The lid popped off because the liquid turns into a gas and the gas needs to get out.  If I could try an experiment it would ne the end one where you put Nitorgen in hot water and detergent.  I would like to do it because I would make foam bubbles.

  3. Buddies

    August 4, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    Today in our buddy time we read the 2016 shortlisted picture fiction book Gary.  It is about a pigeon that can’t fly and how he can still have adventures even though he is not like all the other pigeons.

    After the story we helped our year one buddies make a racing pigeon using newspaper, coloured card and stickers.  The year 5s did a great job assisting their year ones and showed  how caring and helpful they are.  Well done Year 5s!!


  4. Science investigation

    August 4, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    Our Inquiry unit this term has a Science focus and we are investigating Matter. We will be exploring the properties of solids, gas, liquids and plasma.

    To start off the topic, the students were asked to classify everyday objets into categories and discuss wether they were changeable through heating or cooling. The bubbles and marshmallows were particularly popular for investigation!

    Lots of interesting scientific questions were raised and some good debate was the result.

  5. Showcase

    July 6, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    What a fantastic day! After a few misgivings and nerves to start with, the students really enjoyed sharing their term 2 learning with staff, students and parents.

    Our class have spent so much time and energy working on our maths, science and art projects it was great that they had an opportunity to consolidate and celebrate their learning with others as well as getting feedback on particular aspects they did well and could improve on.  I am so proud of what they all achieved.  They really embraced the responsibility of taking ownership and managing their independent learning.

    A big thank you to all the staff, students and parents that took the time to come along to have a look and celebrate our learning with us.

  6. SRC reps for semester 2

    June 30, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    Congratulations toWill and Eliza who are our class SRC reps for semester 2.  Tiana and Seb will be the deputies to stand in if needed.

    Well done to all the students who nominated themselves and spent the time preparing a speech. It shows a great level of responsibility and self worth to take part in the process.

  7. science project

    June 30, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    The students have been working hard on their science projects on adaptations.  Here is Tom and Ryan’s



    Here is Otis and Harrison’s


  8. Advertising Investigation

    June 13, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    Today we began our unit of work on Advertising. We had a great discussion on the purpose of advertising. Some of the ideas the students came up with was trying to sell something, raise awareness, provoke emotions, make money and influence the target audience (often kids!)

    We then watched some different tv commercials and talked about what strategies they use including: music, colour, slogans, promising something, using animals or kids, give aways etc.

    We analysed some different paper adverts that the students had brought in and talked about the purpose and strategies the advertisers had used.

    It was a really good discussion and got the kids thinking about their power and gullibility as a consumer. We will be talking more about this in the coming weeks with the students creating advertising for their “block houses” in maths (more on this exciting project soon!)

  9. Designing our science project

    May 31, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    Today we began to plan our project on Adaptations of Living things.  We looked at the curriculum to see what we needed to include and then referred back to our original brainstorm of what we know and what we want to find out to get some ideas.

    We then broke into groups and discussed what kind of things we would like to include, how we would present it, what we needed to do to be successful (criteria for success) and how we would work.

    The kids came up with some great ideas and with their input and ownership of the project, I’m really looking forward to seeing the learning that happens and the end result in week 9.

  10. Music performance

    May 24, 2017 by rebeccahepworth801

    Today I was invited to see what the students have been working on in music lessons with Mrs Rayner.  Here is a taste of our excellent percussionists!


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