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Our term 2 Newsletter

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term 2 2018 newsletter

Water Pollution by Matilda R, Lauren A, Lara N, Zoe S, Ivy V-D

As part of the Middle School Unit inquiry this term, students have been looking at world or community problems and thinking about possible solutions to help overcome them. We have been following the “6 Ds” for this process which asks students to Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver and Debrief the problem they chose to investigate.
We have seen some creative and powerful ideas coming from these sessions. One group was investigating the problem of water pollution. As part of their solution they chose to write a blog post to educate others about the issue. I’m sure they would love a comment or two on what they wrote!

Water pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water often caused by humans. We would like to help this and hopefully you can help too.

About one garbage truck of plastic gets into the ocean per minute. One million sea birds are killed each year by plastics and one hundred thousand marine mammals are also killed each year. 
At least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year. That’s similar to emptying a garbage truck of plastic into an ocean every minute.

There is more micro-plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way

The eight most common types of garbage found in the ocean are:
Plastic bottles 
Plastic bags 
Food wrappers 
Plastic utensils 
Beverage cans
Paper bags.

If you would like to help water pollution here are some things you can do:

Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when you have a full load 
Do not flush pills liquid or powder medication down the toilet
Have separate bins for recycling and waste
Recycle all things recycle able 
Use a minimum amount of dishwashing liquid

Thank you for reading, and remember if you ever see rubbish on the ground, please pick it up!

Matilda R, Lauren A, Lara N, Zoe S, Ivy V-D

Ignite Program at Aberfoyle Park High School

Here is some information regarding the Ignite Program at Aberfoyle Park High School for 2019.

Middle School newsletter

Please find here a copy of our first middle school newsletter: term 1 newsletter

Acquaintance Night

Acquaintance night will take place on Tuesday 13th February, with a free BBQ starting up at 5pm. Classes will be open from 5:30-7:00pm with a whole middle school  information session (years 5-7) at 6pm in the Middle School Unit. This will be followed by a an informal class visit. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our plans for an exciting and engaging year. It is not compulsory for the students to attend but they can if you wish, provided they are supervised.

Middle School Inquiry (Genius Hour)

Today we began our middle school inquiry sessions. Students discussed the skills needed for authentic inquiry before brainstorming in group, global and community issues. This will lead onto personalised inquiry investigations.


Team Bonding Day

On Thursday and Friday this week (8th and 9th Feb) we will be having team bonding sessions for our year 5-7 students. In the past this has been a very successful way for students to meet new people across the unit and become more comfortable within their environment. The activities will start on Thursday afternoon with students organising and getting to know their teams and the team colour, before the activities begin on Friday.  On Friday, students can come to school dressed in their team colour if they wish (please remember our sun- smart policy – no singlet tops, wear sunscreen and bring hats and drink bottles).

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