Look at some of our boys playing good old fashioned leap frog at lunch time last week!

Australian the Year Inquiry

The central idea around our inquiry this term is being an Australian citizen means you have rights and responsibilities. This is an inquiry into the rights and responsibilities of being an Australian citizen, how democracy works and the contribution of individuals / groups to Australian society.

After initially tuning into our topic, we have now been given the task to research the Australian of the Year Awards. The students then have to research and nominate one Australian they feel should be nominated for the 2019 awards.

We came up with a list of qualities that our Australian of the Year candidates for 2019 possess:

  • made a significant impact in their area of expertise (consequently, people look up to them)
  • they may have worked hard and shown passion what they do in order to overcome obstacles
  • demonstrated empathy in order to assist people and / or the environment
  • they excel in what they do
  • they have initiated change

Is there any qualities you think should be added to the list? Who would you nominate for the award?

Please leave us a comment below. We would to hear your ideas.