Sports Day 2018

On Friday 23rd March our school had Sports Day! Everyone looked fantastic in their team colours Bradman (blue), Fraser (green), Woodforde (yellow) and Riley (red). All students showed excellent getting along skills, they cheered and encouraged each other, tried their best and persisted at events even when it was really hot. Congratulations to Fraser for coming first and to all the other teams for their efforts.

Here are some recounts of the day:

Written by Olivia

On Friday 23rd of March it was Sports Day at school. We did long jump and I jumped very high. mum, dad, Chloe and I were there.

First we did long jump. We all jumped really high and far. Next we did the sack race we all went very fast. After that we did the 3 legged race it was very hard for me to do. Soon we did fireman’s relay it was fun because we could get wet when it was hot. Soon we had recess because we needed something to eat. Next we had sprints we got very very hot but it was fun too. Soon we did bocce it was very hard but fun as well. Next we did hurdles it was fun and hot like lots of the others. Lastly we did tunnel ball that one was easy to do it was really ht and fun though.

I felt excited because I love sport. My favourite was fireman’s relay because we could ge twet when it was really hot.


Written By Charles

On Friday the 23rd of March my school had Sports Day. We did all sorts of activities we did it because our school wanted to get fit and we did it for fun.

First we did the health hustle and chants. Then we did the sack race. Then we did the three legged race. Later on we did the fireman’s relay. Then we did bocce. After recess we did the sprints then we did soccer kick Later on we did hurdles. Last of all we did tunnel ball.

I felt happy and awesome because m team Fraser won. My favourite event was long jump. I had fun on sports day.


Written by Evie

On Friday 23rd of March I was with my mum and sister. We did Sports day because we wanted to be healthy and fit. We were at school on the bottom court and the oval.

First we got dressed at home. Then we got in the car and buckled our seat belt. Soon we were at school. Soon we were on long jump it was so fun. A little later we were on sack race. Soon we had to do 3 legged race. A little while then we did soccer kick. Soon we did fireman’s relay. A little while we did sprints and then we did bocce it was really fun. Then we did hurdles and then last of all was tunnel ball.

I felt tired and sweaty and happy because we did a lot of running and it was fun and tiring.


Here are some photos from the day.

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