Thank You Volunteers

Craigburn has a long, proud history of strong volunteer support and involvement from our parent community. We have been fortunate to have had parents and friends volunteering in many ways, including:

  • coordinating and supporting school fundraising events – transporting students to out-of-school events
  • becoming a sports coach or team manager
  • supporting learning and reading programs
  • working in the canteen
  • supporting our Pedal Prix team
  • helping at working bees
  • managing the second hand uniform shop
  • developing and building outdoor learning play spaces
  • maintaining our school grounds
  • attending camps and excursions
  • joining the Governing Council and / or sub-committees

Volunteering benefits everyone involved. At Craigburn our students benefit from the support of all volunteers who bring life skills, expertise, knowledge and diversity to a range of activities. Similarly there are benefits for our volunteers which include – a sense of giving back to the school community, making a difference for children and students and a sense of belonging and feeling valued.

Our students also benefit from the work of our volunteers in many programs particularly in enhancing learning experiences as well as promoting community engagement and positive relationships

As a school staff, we thank all volunteers past and present, for your ongoing and generous support.