NAPLAN Results

All families will have received their child’s Year 3, 5 or 7 NAPLAN results last week. The school receives detailed information about the progress of students in this annual test, and we carefully utilise this data to plan for improvements in literacy and numeracy for individual children, and where appropriate, for our site improvement planning cycle. We also undertake school based tests using the ACER PAT-R (reading) and PAT-M (maths) tests. This is used by staff to confirm progress and to identify areas of a child’s learning that either may need attention or can be celebrated. However, both of these tests are simply tests taken at one time of the year, and teachers use a wide range of other assessments to measure the progress of children, including a great deal of qualitative information (teacher’s knowledge of the children) as opposed to these forms of quantitative data.

Kathy Terrell

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