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Exciting Achievements – Term 3

We are very proud of the achievements of our students this term. Students have excelled in Sport, the Arts, the Tournament of Minds and Pedal Prix. Our Year 6 /7 SAPSASA boys basketball team won the state championships last week and we thank Simon Nash for coaching the team to this high standard. The involvement of our students in sport is outstanding and three of our boys are performing at a state level—Jordan P in golf, Harry L in football and Luke M in diving. This has been recognised by our Governing Council. Our choir has performed in the Festival Theatre and our Junior Choir has also performed in a Foyer Concert. We have had a soloist performing on stage, Tahlia W on flute, and the troupe members performed brilliantly too! Some instrumentalists were in the orchestra as well. We will complete our participation in this high standard of music-making with the Noarlunga Festival early next term. Well done everyone!

Digital News….

We are thrilled to further share our plans to develop a BYO iPad program which is being phased in on a voluntary basis from the beginning of 2016. This of course will be through careful parent consultation and feedback. Please read the information provided by Paul Luke in the Deputy Principal’s section. This is exciting work! The children will be more able to participate in “leading edge” learning and they will be the ultimate benefactors.

Classes for 2016

Our school is proving very popular as we take on new enrolments. We are increasing in size and we are expecting to have 20 classes in 2016. We are looking forward to welcoming next year’s new reception students in a thoughtfully planned transition program during Term 4.

It is very important that families inform us if their child will not be attending Craigburn next year, as we do need to have clear information for staffing arrangements. We do take much care to place students by considering a wide range of information, and we will be gathering information from families early next term.

Many Thanks

We wish to thank the many parents and caregivers that support our school in being the best school we can be. “It takes a village to raise a child”(an old African Proverb). We are delighted with the work of parents in all aspects of school life, and in particular we thank the Fundraising Committee, the Environment Committee, the OSHC Committee, the Finance Committee, the Canteen Committee, the Sports Committee and the Governing Council. Thanks also to the many parents and caregivers that help in classrooms each day, attend excursions and camps, and support our work so well. Parent support at home is also vital in terms of children’s attitudes to school. Your feedback is always appreciated as well. Thank you so much.

We wish all students, staff and parents a happy and safe holiday over the next two weeks, and we will look forward to an exciting Term 4. The famous “Craigburn’s Got Talent” is just one of the special events to look forward to, as well as our end of year Celebration Night.

Kathy Terrell—Principal

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