SAPSASA Knockout Cricket

In week 2 us Burnies (Craigburn) ventured down to good old Sacred Heart Middle School to battle them in an intense game of cricket. We won the toss and elected to bowl first and boy that was a bad decision. Just joking it was a pretty good one. The weather on the day was absolutely bucketing down. When it started raining Sacred Heart were 2-34. After we started playing again it didn’t really go to plan. They just kept hitting run after run after run. They finished with 110 runs. When we went into bat it was an absolute DISASTER!!!! After 10 overs we were 7-18. 3 overs later, the game was finished and we ended up losing by about 70 odd runs. It was a great experience for all of us and we hope to continue winning our school games. Thanks Simon for giving up your time to coach us. 🙂

Tyson and Henry on behalf of the SAPSASA Cricket team.20150409_130313

The boys are to be congratulated on making it to the quarterfinals in the knockout cricket competition. A big thank you to Simon Beenham for coaching the boys through the 3 games played in Term 1 and Term 4.

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