Gala Day – Friday 13th November

A reminder that Gala Day is tomorrow, Friday 13th November. As mentioned previously, Gala Day is an annual student-led event where students in Years 3 to 7 have the opportunity to showcase their enterprising skills by running a Food, Craft or Activity Stall. All students across Reception to Year 7 get to visit stalls as per the session details below.

Gala Day has been running at Craigburn for 13 years with money raised going towards a small outdoor project as determined by our Student Representative Council.

We thank all students and supporting parents and carers who have organised a stall for this year’s event. There are some very creative craft stalls, fun activity stalls and a variety of healthy food stalls.

Main details.

  • Session times:
    • 11.15am to 12.00pm – Reception to Year 2 students
    • 12.05pm to 12.50pm – Year 3 to 7 Students
  • There are approximately 40 stalls with a combination of Food, Activity and Craft stalls.
  • Stalls are located, mostly in sheltered areas around the main buildings.
  • Food stalls have all ingredients listed – class teachers are aware of students who have specific food allergies and will be with these students as they move around the stalls.
  • Children can bring a small amount of money for the day. Eg up to $5.00 for Reception to Year 2 students and up to $10 for older students. A purse of wallet is recommended. Most stalls are priced at 20c, 50c and up to $1.
  • Children are encouraged to visit a range of stalls.

We are looking forward to an enjoyable day.

Thank you for support.

The Gala Day Task Group Leaders and Mr Luke.

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