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Physical Education Week – Living Actively!

Physical Education Week promotes the importance of Health & PE in the Australian Curriculum, and highlights the importance of Health & PE to the learning and development of children and young people. All students have a right to receive quality physical education teaching and learning programs – Physical Education Week promotes these opportunities.

To celebrate Physical Education Week at Craigburn Primary School we are holding 3 sports expo days:

  • Reception – Year 1 – Wednesday 18th November
  • Year 1/2 – Year 4 – Thursday 19th November
  • Year 4/5 – Year 6/7 – Friday 20th November

Sessions over the 3 days include: Gymnastics, Cricket, Basketball, Wheelienet, Yoga, Soccer, Kelly Sports, Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee.

Please note – Due to the forecasted hot weather – outdoor activities will be rescheduled to other days. Classroom teachers will be aware of these changes.

Regards – Karen Pettman, Specialist Physical Education Teacher.



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