Celebration Night Update

Please note the following information for parents / carers in the lead up to Celebration Night on Monday 7th December.

  • Parents / caregivers are asked to have their children in their classrooms at 6.00pm so that teachers can organise students and make their way to the area for the evening’s activities. The school concert band will entertain the audience from 6.00pm—6.20pm on the oval.
  • Please ensure that you know what your child needs to wear or bring on the night. We will commence at 6.30pm and will be finished by 8.00pm.
  • Programs will be available on the night for a gold coin donation. This will assist us to offset the cost of the professional sound we are hiring for the evening.
  • Students will remain with their class during the evening’s performance.
  • Parents and other family members will be sitting on the oval slope and may need to bring a blanket to sit on. It will be important for families to supervise younger children, as they will not be able to move around the area to meet up with siblings involved in the performances.
  • In the past some families have brought along a picnic tea. We would ask that families who do so ensure that there is minimal noise during the performances. Students will need to eat either prior to 6.00pm or at the end of the night. There will be a sausage sizzle available from 5:30pm. The school concert band will perform on the oval from 5:50pm.
  • Students will be dismissed from the oval at the end of the performance.

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