Maths Competition Achievements

Congratulations and well done to the following students who challenged themselves by participating in this year’s International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) in Mathematics. Students receiving awards are:

Year 4 – Reuben V, Patrick A
Year 5 – Libby D, Jasmin G
Year 6 – Paul A, Lucy O
Year 7 – Brendan W

Year 4 – Erin B, Thomas E
Year 5 – Cooper F
Year 6 – Carrie D
Year 7 – Brendan W

Year 5 – Oshana A, Azalea Li
Year 6 – Thomas O

Year 3 – Otis M-D
Year 6 – Tahlia W


2 thoughts on “Maths Competition Achievements

  1. I tried to go onto Bellette/Warncken blog and it took me to G Stevens post!
    checked his post and his was correct, not what has happened to their Blog


    1. Thanks for letting us know – the link had been updated and will now take you to the correct class blog 🙂

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