Principal’s News Update

Class Placements

It is exciting that we have increased enrolments for next year as our positive reputation seems to have attracted more students with many parents keen to enrol their children. We are now planning to have 20 classes in 2016, and we have just welcomed 71 new reception students in a well planned transition program. Many thanks to our volunteer parent, Lisa Barkham, for her work to support these students and our new families.

We have completed our class configurations for next year and there has been significant consideration of a range of factors, including student friendships, student learning and social needs, teacher knowledge and parent requests. As you can imagine this is a complex task and at times we take the best decision possible given this information. Our aim is to ensure children have an optimum learning situation. We therefore ask for parent support and understanding when classes are announced on the Wednesday of Week 9, the 9th December.

A letter containing your child’s report and their new class will go home on the last Wednesday of term.

Volunteer “Thank You” Morning Tea

A big thank you to all of our parents and caregivers who have helped during the year. “It takes a village to raise a child” is an old African proverb that really fits our school community. Our children have benefited greatly from this amazing support. The “Thank you” morning tea will be held on Thursday morning, 3rd Dec, from 10.50am to 11.20am in the Gym. Volunteers please let the school know if you are attending for catering purposes and do join us for this event!

Bring Your Own iPad Plans

We are proud of our innovative approach to learning. It has been gratifying to see the supportive feedback from parents regarding our Bring Your Own iPad program and the willingness of families to take up this option. We look forward to launching this work early next year. The Expression of Interest form can be accessed here.

Fundraising Update

We have had a very special group of parents on the fundraising committee this year ably led by an amazing parent, Sheena-Margot Lavelle. This committee has been building up our funds with the goal in mind of improving our playground facilities. Some of the equipment is ready for replacement. Our target over the last two years has been $50,000 and we are well on the way with $41,500 raised so far. The students and our committee parents are involved in helping us decide on the right type of play equipment and we hope to see some of this equipment arrive later next year. Play equipment is expensive so we will need to be careful and strategic. More news next year as we progress.

Celebration Night

Please feel most welcome to attend our amazing Celebration Night on Monday the 7th December, at 6.30pm. Our students are keenly planning their item for the big night and we would love as many parents as possible to share the evening with us.


Our Year 7 students are looking forward to their Graduation dinner and ceremony on Wednesday the 9th December. It will be a very special occasion.


Please don’t forget that we close at 12.30pm on the last day of term. The Governing Council has fully endorsed this plan each year. We will have a farewell assembly at 10am that morning. All welcome.





2 thoughts on “Principal’s News Update

  1. It wouldn’t be any where near that number of new cars. Some Reception children already have siblings attending the school, and a number of Year 7s leaving the school at the end of each year reduces the number of family cars as well.

  2. I’m curious where the cars of 71 new reception children will park?
    Have any provisions been made for parking? It is already such an issue!

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