Traffic on Murrays Hill Rd

We have had a number of comments recently about the build up of traffic on Murrays Hill Rd, particularly at the end of the school day. It is frustrating, as unfortunately the management of traffic on the road is out of our jurisdiction and we therefore urge road users to take great care on the road at this time. The safety of our children is top priority.

We are not in a position to deal with the traffic on the road, and as well, the drop off zone is council property. Therefore we ask that cars are not parked in that area at the end of the day, as this can cause queues on Murrays Hill Rd and embarassment to other motorists. The police have recently been contacted and will be making regular patrols of the area, and the council does send traffic officers to the area and a sturdy fine can be received if cars are inappropriately parked.

We are making a special plea to parents and caregivers to consider staggering their pick up time for children. The drop off zone has a staff member present until 3.25pm each afternoon and any child not picked up is safely brought back to the school office.  Traffic congestion only occurs for a 5 to 10 minute window and we ask that patience is a top priority.

Thank you to our families for your consideration of this information and attention to the safety of all children in our school.



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