BYO iPad Program – Update

Thank you to the families who have taken time to read through the BYO iPad Program Information – along with the printed cover letter which was provided to school families three weeks ago.

To date, we have received nearly 80 responses from families with a take up of rate of 90-95%.

As we complete the 2015 school year and transition into 2016, we ask families who have not yet indicated their interest in the program to take time and consider their child’s / children’s participation, which is voluntary, by completing the online expression of interest.

The online expression of interest also allows parents the opportunity to ask any questions. At this stage there have only been a small number of questions which are further addressed below.

Questions relating to purchasing and the cost of an iPad

Purchasing Options
As indicated on Page 10 of the BYO iPad Program Information there are three options for families including – Existing iPad Owner, Purchase from a Private Retailer, or use the CompNow Purchasing Portal (see below(

Cost of an iPad

  • It is up to families to consider how much they are prepared to pay for a new iPad that meets the recommended minimum specifications as outlined on Page 9 of the BYO iPad Program Information.
  • iPad Airs are cheaper than the latest iPad Air 2s
  • 16G is the minimum recommended storage, though 32G and higher offers the ability to store more apps, media, and learning resources.
  • The Purchasing Portal, negotiated with CompNow (see below) will display the costs associated with various models when working through Step 2.
  • A new well-looked after iPad should last for three years – equating to approximately 60-70c per day for the cost of an iPad over this period of time.
  • Families may be in a position to claim the cost of an iPad as a yearly tax deduction.

CompNow Purchasing Portal

  • We have negotiated special education deals on selected devices (iPads) and accessories through CompNow at Norwood by establishing a Purchasing Portal.
  • The Purchasing Portal link is and must be accessed via a desktop or laptop computer.
    Please note:
    Round One orders up until and including the 9th of December 2015, can be collected at school on Friday 18th of December from Front Office between 10am-4pm.
    • Round Two orders on and after the 10th of December 2015, through to Monday 25th the January 2016, can be collected at school on Monday the 8th of February 2016, from the front office between 9am-4pm.
  • The Purchasing Portal will continue to remain open throughout the 2016 school year.
  • CompNow recognise that major retailers such as JB Hi Fi and Big W may offer discounts that they are not able to match.

Please note – purchasing is not available through the school.

Questions relating to the use of iPads in R-2 (Early Years) classes.

As outlined in the BYO iPad Program Information on Page 8, we recognise the importance of embracing and using digital media in meaningful ways that support the learning of our early years students.

At Craigburn we have a strong philosophy of developmental learning aligned with the Australian Curriculum. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability Learning Continuum in the Australian Curriculum is organised into five interrelated elements and applies to all learners beginning in the early years. We believe it is important to have a whole school approach in developing the ICT Capability of our students, supporting a seamless transition of learning. Increasingly schools and even preschools are introducing iPads in early years of schooling. We recognise that students’ are using mobile technologies at early ages and as educators we are learning more about their effective use in these early years of schooling.  Our ongoing work in using ICT in the early years is closely guided by the work of leading early years education authorities Early Childhood Australia, Common Sense Media and the DECD Early Years Strategy.

Our Reception – Year 1 and Year 2 teachers have been using iPads for 4 years now and see their enormous potential and benefits.

  • ‘iPads are a powerful learning tool across a variety of curriculum areas. Our students use them to collaborate, create and design learning experiences’
  • ‘We use a variety of apps that supplement, consolidate and deepen our literacy learning as part of our Daily 5 reading and word work activities including eBooks, phonics and sight word learning tools, concepts of print, letter identification and formation, and story writing and publishing.’
  • ‘We also use a range of apps that support acquisition, practise and consolidation of our Numeracy learning’
  • ‘Students are learning to create, work collaboratively,self reflect, share and publish their work using apps such as Scratch Jr for coding; Doodle Buddy and Book Creator for writing, typing, drawing, using photos and voice recording to create texts, Explain Everything, Air Server and Camera to self reflect, share and present work – make their thinking visible’
  • ‘The instant access enables us to quickly differentiate the curriculum when needed and where children can independently investigate and share their learning across a variety of platforms such as our blogs’

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