End of Year News Update from Kathy Terrell


At the end of the year we say a huge thank you to the fantastic staff we have at Craigburn Primary School. The work of our teachers and SSO team has been outstanding during 2015 and we need to show much appreciation for their dedicated efforts.

Sadly we say farewell to a number of staff for 2015.

Our SSO’s, Suzanne Hastwell, Alberta Dreseler and Jane Graham have supported students and staff admirably during the year. At this stage we are unsure of their placements for next year. We thank them for their work with our children.

We also wish the very best to several of our teaching staff:

Sophie Larsen – was appointed at the end of Term 1 as a Year 1 teacher and quickly formed strong relationships with students, staff and families. Her efforts in supporting the Year 1 learning program have been greatly appreciated.

Kylie Booth – has worked very successfully in tandem with Karen Prideaux this year in a Year 1 class. Her efforts in supporting the Year 1 students and being creative with class planning has been appreciated by all.

Both Sophie and Kylie are awaiting news of appointments in 2016.

Grace Hollitt – has been a key leader of our Year 6 / 7 Middle Schooling program for three years. Over this time Grace has developed strong working relationships with students, staff and parents. Her contribution to the ongoing development of our Site Learning Plan in Literacy and Numeracy has been outstanding. Grace has also provided added value to the school curriculum, eg. SAPSASA. Grace has been appointed to Gladstone Primary School for 2016.

We thank Sophie, Kylie and Grace for their unique contributions to our school community. The children have benefitted enormously from their dedication.

Two of our staff members have chosen to retire.

Maria Perejma who has been on leave during 2015 and will retire, along with Teresa Langham our Teacher-librarian, who has been at Craigburn for an amazing 25 years. Maria has worked for a number years in the Year 3 level and we wish her well.

Teresa’s contribution to Craigburn over her very long tenure has been highly valued by staff students and parents. Her work in the Library is to be commended. Her promotion of reading through the Premier’s Reading Challenge and annual Book Fairs has been outstanding. We wish her the best for her retirement.

We welcome the following new staff for 2016.

Veronica Khalaf – has been appointed as a Year 3 / 4 teacher. Veronica is an experienced primary school teacher who has recently been in a leadership role  supporting the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in a number of schools in the Southern area.

Terri Green – will be tandem teaching with Karen Prideaux for 2 days a week in a Year 1 class for 2016. She is an experienced teacher with expertise in the early years.

Fern Thomson – will be taking a Year 1 class. Fern is an early years educator who has had recent experience at Woodend Primary School. Fern is excited about her appointment and brings a passion for working with young children and their families.

John Spurr – has been appointed as a Year 6 / 7 teacher for 2016. John is an experienced Middle School teacher who brings a wealth of expertise in the areas of science, maths and technology. In recent years John has been working in a relieving capacity at Craigburn, whilst also working in his family business. He is looking forward to being part of our dynamic middle school team.


Today students visited their new classes for 2016. During this time the children met their class teacher and their new classmates. Information about classes is included with the students’ reports today.

The placement of students in classes has been very carefully considered and we have taken into account all of the information available. As a result of the final placements we believe that the classes are balanced and it is now very difficult to make any further changes. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we hope that students are able to look forward to their new classes in 2016.


Teachers have carefully analysed the progress of students and made professional judgements about their achievements. We encourage all families to celebrate success and the progress that their children have made.


As you are aware we have rescheduled our Celebration Performance for Friday morning for 9.15am on the oval. Parents and families are most welcome to attend, and seat themselves on the oval slopes. Once again we were disappointed that we were unable to hold this event last Monday evening due to the extreme weather conditions. We thank parents for their understanding.


Our end of year whole school assembly will be held at 10.50am in the School Hall. This is a time when we farewell the students. Parents are welcome to attend, however, there will be limited viewing space.


We thank all parents, caregivers and friends who have volunteered in our school during the year. “It takes a village to raise a child” and we cannot achieve such success with our children without the work of volunteers.
We thank in particular members of the Governing Council and the sub-committees for their amazing contribution this year.

Thank you to anyone who has volunteered in any capacity throughout the school year to help our children.


This year’s group of Year 7’s has provided leadership and great role modelling for the younger children in our school. We are very proud of their commitment to learning and the achievements they have made. We congratulate every Year 7 student graduating from Craigburn in 2015. We wish every success in their secondary years of schooling.

Happy Holidays!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Seaons’s Greetings and  best wishes for the holidays. We look forward to seeing you next year. 

Reminder: EARLY DISMISSAL ON FRIDAY at 12.30pm

Yours sincerely

Kathy Terrell


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