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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

STUDENT-FREE DAY – Friday, March 11th

We are just wanting to ensure that everyone knows about the Student-Free Day we have planned for Friday, March 11th. This will be an important training day for the staff and will have a focus on our “Bring Your Own Device Program”. This will prepare us well for the launch of our exciting volunteer iPad program. OSHC will be available for bookings.

AGM – Monday, March 7th

All welcome – this is our opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months and to plan together for a great year in 2016. We have a free creche, free sausage sizzle and guest speakers from our environment committee. We will also elect our new Governing Council for the year. We hope to form a great new council where we will guide the directions of the school and have some fun as well! Check the yellow sheets that went home Tuesday.


Over the last 2 years we have raised an amazing $41,000 towards our target of $50,000 for our new playground spaces and equipment. We thank the Fundraising Committee last year and look forward to the achievements of our new committee this year led by Lisa Slate and Sam Slattery. We are certainly wanting the students, staff and involved parents to contribute to our decisions about spending this money. When we have raised the target amount we hope to start to see some new equipment at school. The committee meets tomorrow (Thursday, 2pm). Please keep supporting us. Thank you!


The Reception to Year 5 students are really enjoying their swimming lessons this week. The feedback has been amazing.

Kind regards,

Kathy Terrell (Principal)

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