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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our fantastic AGM last week was extremely successful with a large audience of parents participating. Our students in the Gardening Club gave a great summary of their work and the Environment Committee was well represented by Kylie Basley. Our Annual Report was presented and then we elected our new Governing Council for this year. We were delighted that 12 parents stood for election and 7 people were able to be accepted onto the council.

Congratulations to our new Governing Council – Kerrin Burrow, Glenn Chapman, Belinda Cece, Katelyn Adams, Steven Bottrill, Kylie Basley, Jodie Williams, Candi Hinks, Darren Kemp, Bryce Woodley, Amelia Balmer and Lisa Slate. Kathy Terrell and two staff reps complete the Governing Council for 2016. Paul Luke and Rob Warncken are non-voting members. We thank outgoing members, Lyndall Pratt, Alison Cale, Deb Percey, Belinda Angus, Louise Allen and Naomi Schubert.

Volunteer Award Recipient – This year the volunteer in our community acknowledged as having provided outstanding service was Sheena-Margot Lavelle. It was terrific to see her surprise for this well deserved award as Sheena-Margot has led our Fundraising Committee raising a significant amount of money for our school and contributing enormous amounts of her personal time to the cause. Thank you so much and congratulations Sheena-Margot!

Our Student-Free Day last Friday was a very rewarding training session. Paul Luke led us on our exciting journey with details of our BYO iPad program. Once we have shared information with parents about our planned induction program and the required signed consent forms are returned, students will be invited to bring their own iPad. Please ensure students do not bring their own iPads until all documents are signed by parents. More information very soon.

“Dino-Dig” finished – We are proud of our parent community as the contribution from volunteers is enormous. An extreme thank you goes to all of the parents who have contributed many, many volunteer hours and much personal financial contribution to enable our “Dino-dig” to be completed.  The whole Environment Committee, especially Jason Balmer, Kylie Basley, Brett Lawson and Lisa Slate, deserve the biggest congratulations and thanks for their efforts. It looks fantastic!

Fundraising – The Easter Raffle will be drawn at an assembly at 10.15am on Thursday, 24th March. The disco will be advertised this week for 1st April, and it is tailored specifically to each year level. Gold and silver is the theme. Exciting! We have raised more than $41,000 so far towards the $50,000 target – and we are in fact spending some of this fundraising money on our exciting new 5-Way Swings which we expect will be installed by Term 2.

Safety of our children – This is a top priority and we do need to be very conscious of this at pick-up times. The Onkaparinga Council has recently observed our traffic at the top drop-off zone and will be instituting some changes to signs, some educative measures and inspectors may be providing fines to those who infringe the parking restrictions. Please do not park in the drop-off zone or a huge fine could be coming your way. This is also true for picking up children where the yellow line is marked. Staggering your pick-up time can help. There is always a teacher on duty until at least 3.25pm. Any remaining students are brought into the front office.

Three-way Student, Parent, Teacher discussions – These will be held from the 29th March until the 7th April. Invitations will be provided by class teachers and the two late nights that we are offering are Tuesday, 29th March and Wednesday 30th March. Please enjoy these important meetings.

Kind regards, Kathy Terrell

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