Road Safety, Traffic and Parking

We remind all parents, caregivers and extended families and friends of the importance of road safety and parking around the school, especially at peak periods in the morning and afternoon when children are arriving and leaving school.

From time to time we hear from parents and sometimes local neighbours who share their frustrations and concerns. In an effort to prevent any unnecessary accidents we ask that all parents and friends consider local traffic and parking rules which are clearly sign posted in the drop off zones on both the Murrays Hill Rd and Heath Lane entrances.


School leaders and teachers assist in ensuring students leave school safely, by undertaking after school duties at the two main entrances. It is not a school personnel job to manage the flow of traffic nor direct vehicles to move on.

We also have trained crossing monitors who have an important job in managing the school crossing on Murrays Hill Rd.

Car parking by parents is not permitted on school grounds unless using the disabled parking space, in an emergency or accessing OSHC before or after school. We still have a small number of parents who occasionally enter the staff car park or the top entrance by the water tank. We therefore ask parents to refrain from parking on school grounds, especially the staff car park which is reserved for staff only and visitors.

It is not a DECD requirement that schools provide parking for parents and caregivers. There are many options for parking around the outside boundary of the school, some which require a short walk to school.

Parking inspectors from the local council frequent the drop off zones from time to time and will issue fines for parking IMG_2994 2infringements including for a vehicle remaining stationary adjacent to yellow lines. We have also requested police patrols to be present at pick-up and drop-off times ensuring traffic rules are adhered to.


Please be mindful of others and of course the safety of all students. Thanks for your support.