Living Kaurna Excursion


Shaun showed us around the Kaurna Centre. We were very lucky as he sang us a song in Kaurna language and he used his wooden clapping sticks.


This tree is 500 years old! The Indigenous people used to light fires underneath it to smoke the possums out. They would then catch them to eat and use their skins for clothing or baby blankets.


These grape vines were planted in the 1800s! Shaun said that we can pick them in the Summer if we are visiting with our families.


This beautiful shield is painted under the expressway bridge near South Road.


This plant (similar to Wattle) has thorns on it which the Indigenous people used to remove warts. They would push 3 to 4 thorns under each wart and within a few days the wart would dry up and drop off! Amazing!

We had a fantastic day with fantastic weather. We thank Mrs Williams for organising the day for us.

One thought on “Living Kaurna Excursion

  1. I too had a wonderful day. It was a privilege to take such a well behaved group of students students . It was perfect day with lots of learning, cooperation fun.

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