SA Public Primary Schools Music Festival.

This yearly festival held at the Festival Theatre commences on Tuesday 13th September & finishes on Friday 23rd September . There are Craigburn students performing in 11 of the 12 concerts during this festival.

Our Senior Choir is singing on Sunday 18th September at 7.30 pm & students are also performing in the Performance Troupes, Orchestra & as assisting artists in other concerts. Leah T & Josh B will be singing solos at our choir’s performance.

Isabelle M, Ethan S , Jemma C &  Lucy O will be performing in other concerts in the South & North Performance Troupes. Azalea L  & Holly W will be performing in the South Orchestra & Tahlia W  & students in the elite SAPPS Choir as assisting artists.

This is always a great concert & tickets are available from BASS.( Tickets purchased through the schools group booking should arrive in the next week).

These students have just finished their first rehearsals before final rehearsals & performances start in Week 8.

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