Severe Weather Warning

The Bureau of Meteorology and the State Emergency Service have warned of severe weather expected to hit South Australia in the next 24 to 48 hours. Gale force winds are expected in coastal areas on Wednesday 28 September 2016, with the wind conditions travelling from west to east across the state from Wednesday afternoon into Thursday.

In addition, heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast to hit parts of the state from Wednesday, with a chance of flash flooding in areas already saturated from recent weather activity.

We can assure you that at school, students will remain indoors as per our inclement weather procedures.

We do ask parents and caregivers to take extreme care and remain calm when collecting children from school, particularly if using the school drop off zones on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday when the worst of the weather is currently expected.

For the latest weather information and warnings for the state visit and the SES website at

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