A fun way to remember our camp!

Our classes B11 and D13 had a wonderful time when we went on Camp to Wirraway Homestead. The children tried a whole range of new, adventurous activities and had the chance to bond and make new friendships. One of the absolute favourite activities was the horse riding and grooming. The children were very lucky to spend a lot of time with the horses, learning many new skills. We decided a fun way to remember our time at Wirraway would be to create a cartoon of camp highlights. Here are a few of our cartoons.

img_6876 img_6877 img_6878 img_6879 img_6880 img_6882  img_6885 img_6888 img_6889 img_6890 img_6891 img_6892 img_6893

One thought on “A fun way to remember our camp!

  1. Fantastic work Year 5’s. I went to Wirraway when I was in primary school many years ago. Your wonderful pictures have reminded me of many of the activities that I did way back then.
    Looks like you had a great time!

    Mr Spurr

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