Principal News Update

Thanks for taking the time to read through this update as well as other recent news posts. The 2016 school year is quickly drawing to a close, though there is still much to cover over the final two weeks. Please take note the following information and reminders.

Principal Position Update

Our local Partnership of Schools Education Director, Brendyn Semmens attended our school’s last Governing Council meeting to provide an update on the principal position at Craigburn. The Governing Council was informed that the principal position will be advertised in Term 2 next year.

I look forward to commencing the new school year as Acting Principal and leading the school community through Terms 1 and 2. I will keep you updated as to the position of Acting Deputy Principal and other staffing news prior to the end of the term.

Volunteer ‘Thank You’ Morning Tea

We look forward to sharing in a community morning tea on Thursday morning, 8th December from 10.50am in the school hall, to say thank you to all parents, caregivers and friends who have volunteered throughout the year. Our school and children really benefit from the wonderful support we receive. A news blog post was published last week. For catering purposes please inform the school if you are joining us for this event.

Craigburn’s Got Talent – CGT

CGT promises to be as exciting and enjoyable as in previous years. There are many talented students who have been working hard to refine their acts, ready for the big day on Wednesday. Details here.

Celebration Night

We also look forward to a special gathering of our school community on Monday 12th December where we join together to celebrate the year that was, through song and dance performances by our classes. Please refer to the recent news post with details.

Year 7 Graduation

At this time of the year, we say farewell to our Year 7 students (and some families too) who will participate in a Graduation dinner and ceremony on Wednesday evening 14th December. This is a special time for students, staff and families where we acknowledge and celebrate the participation of all Year 7 students who have been a central part of our school community over many years.

End of Year Assembly

We will have our traditional ‘End of Year Farewell Assembly’ at 10.00am on Friday 16th December. This is a time where we show gratitude for our collective work and efforts throughout the year, as well as farewelling our Year 7 students and other students / staff who are leaving. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Last Day – Early Closure 12.30pm

Please don’t forget that we close at 12.30pm on the last day of term. The Governing Council has endorsed this plan in lieu of early dismissals in Terms 1, 2 and 3. The OSHC service is available from this time.

Class Placements

We are nearing the end of our class placement process for 2017. This has involved many hours of configuring classes, and in consideration of a range of factors including student friendships, student learning and social needs, teacher professional knowledge and judgment and parent input. This is a complex exercise and we strive to make the best decisions possible given this information.

Our aim is to ensure all students have an optimum learning situation. We therefore ask for parent support and understanding when classes are announced in the last week of term on Wednesday 14th December.  A letter containing your child’s new class and end of year report will go home on this day.

Due to the amount of work that has gone into the final configuration of classes, we will not be in a position to move students.

End of Year Student Reports

Over several weeks, teachers have been busily writing end of year student reports based on the growth and achievement of learning aligned with the Australian Curriculum. When receiving your child’s report on Wednesday 14th December, we trust that you will take time to share in your child’s successes and discuss areas for future growth.

New Receptions

We have just completed the last of our Transition sessions for Receptions starting at Craigburn in 2017. Special thanks to our volunteer parent, Lisa Barkham, for her excellent work in helping coordinate the transition program and in welcoming new families.

Student Numbers

Next year we begin with 19 classes, one less than this year. With healthy numbers of students enrolling in the early years along with smaller cohort of upper primary students graduating in 2017/18, we expect this to increase back to 20 classes in 2018/19.

Fundraising Update

We have continued to have a very committed group of parents on our school’s fundraising team this year, led by Lisa Slate. This group has worked tirelessly throughout the year to continue to raise funds for our goal of improving the oval playground and play spaces.

Please take time to read the recent post providing further information about these improvements.

As we progress into 2017 the fundraising team through the Governing Council will look to develop and communicate our school’s next fundraising challenges.

Special thanks also to our Environment Team for coordinating the playground and play space upgrades.


Regards, Paul



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