Staffing and Class Placement Update

Staffing Update and Class Placement

As we near the of the school year, we are able provide an update regarding teaching staff for 2017.

Today, students attended their new class for 2017 and met with their new teachers and classmates. It was great to see students and teachers engaging in some fun introductory activities and join in positive conversation when meeting together for the first time.

Farewells and Teachers on Leave

We say farewell to Grant Stevens who has announced his retirement from teaching. Grant has been a highly respected and popular teacher at Craigburn for the past ten years and served as a teacher in public education for almost 40 years, mostly in schools in the southern region. We wish Grant all the best in his retirement.

Chantelle McMahon will be taking leave for Terms 1 and 2 next year, to receive treatment for a recently diagnosed illness. We are sending positive thoughts and our best wishes to Chantelle and her family and look forward to her resuming her teaching role next year. We are pleased to announce that Miss Jodie Fischer will be taking the Year 4/5 class assigned to Chantelle for Terms 1 and 2.

Fern Van Loon Thomson is leaving us after a year teaching Year 1s. Fern has done a fantastic job in working with students, families and staff. We thank Fern for her efforts and wish her all the very best in her next teaching position.

New Staff

We welcome three new teaching staff to Craigburn.

Adriana Mezic has been appointed to an ongoing position at our school and will be working as a Year 1 teacher next year. Adriana is an experienced early years educator who has been teaching at East Adelaide Primary School over recent years.

Rebecca Hepworth joins our primary years team in an ongoing position having worked at Hackham East Primary School for the last 12 years. Rebecca will be taking a Year 5 class in 2017.

Trevor Arney has been appointed to Craigburn to join our leadership team in an acting deputy principal role for Terms 1 and 2 as well as a teaching role for 2 days each week. Trevor will be working alongside Tamsar Bellette with a Year 5 class on Thursdays and Fridays.

We are fortunate to retain the excellent services of the following teachers who will be continuing in contract positions for 2017 – Kristen Bowden, Janis O’Keefe, Carly Smith, Tamsar Bellette and Jodie Fischer.

I will be continuing in the role of Acting Principal for Terms 1 and 2, with Rob Warncken continuing in a full time senior leaders role for the same period.

Teaching Staff List for 2017 – including class structures and locations

Reception – Miss Emma Harry – D20

Reception – Mrs Lynne Grimmer – D21

Reception – Miss Genna Dow – D22

Year 1 – Mrs Stephanie Hook – E23

Year 1 – Mrs Adriana Mezic – E24

Year 1 – Miss Terri Green – E25

Year 2 – Miss Anita Pinkster – A1

Year 2 – Miss Renae Humphrys – A3

Year 2 – Miss Lisa Sporn – A4

Year 3 – Miss Kristen Bowden – A6

Year 3 – Mrs Janis O’Keefe – C17

Year 3/4 – Mrs Veronica Khalaf – C15

Year 4 – Mr Mike Hanna – C16

Year 4/5 – Miss Jodie Fischer – C14 Terms 1 and 2

Year 5 – Mrs Rebecca Hepworth – B9

Year 5 – Mrs Tamsar Bellette (M, T, W) Mr Trevor Arney (Th, F) – B8

Year 6/7 – Mrs Hazel Robertson – B11

Year 6/7 – Miss Andrea Grant – B12

Year 6/7 – Mr Mark Lemmey – B13

Specialist Teachers

Kerry Rayner – Performing Arts

Karen Pettman – Physical Education

Carly Smith – German

Karen Prideaux – Early Years Reading Support Teacher

Extra Specialist Roles – to be announced.

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