DECD Emergency Information Hotline

In the event of a potential or active emergency incident impacting upon a DECD site or service, parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact the DECD Emergency Information Hotline to access up-to-date information on:

  • the status of an emergency incident
  • any closures in place (planned an actual)
  • any changes to transport services such as read re-routing of school buses or taxis due to road closures
  • any new collection points for the child’s school bus or taxis due to road closures
  • when it is safe to collect their child
  • when it advisable not to travel to the school due to a high level of risk to enter into an emergency zone or surrounding areas.

To promote the DECD Emergency Information Hotline, a magnet has been developed to provide parents and caregivers with an easy reference point, and complement the DECD Parent Information on Bushfire Management Brochure and Emergency Management Framework.

This was distributed to each student’s household to promote the DECD Emergency Information Hotline.

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