Circus Challenge

This year we have been fortunate enough to once again secure a booking for the very popular Circus Challenge to visit our school. The Circus Challenge focuses on Physical Education, Performing Arts, & Personal Development with team work, persistence and problem solving through fun, engaging and hands on experiences. Circus Challenge is not a traditional circus in the sense there are no clowns, animals or circus tents.

Firstly, there will be a circus performance show for the whole school motivating students to step outside their comfort zone and try new things. Then each student will be involved in an hour circus challenge workshop in class groups. During the workshops students will rotate through a range of activities and have the opportunity to discover and explore elements of the circus in both group and individual pursuits through physical, creative and challenging activities.

This year the school will be subsidising the cost to support student participation. The cost to families is $5 per students. Students have received consent forms and payment is due by Wednesday 9th February.

Thursday 16th February – 9am – Whole School Circus Performance 

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February – class workshops.

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