Acquaintance Evening –  Tuesday 14th February

We invite all students and families to join us for Acquaintance Evening – next Tuesday 14th February.

A free sausage sizzle will be available from the 5.30pm onwards with classrooms open between 6.00pm and 7.15pm.

We believe it is important for each student to participate in the evening, serving as an opportunity for them to lead and play a major role in acquainting their parents with their learning environment for 2017 and of course meeting with teachers, specialist teachers and support staff.

In preparing for, and participating in the evening, students will practise skills in communication, organisation, problem solving, critical and creative thinking – as well as developing self-confidence.

This strongly aligns with our vision for learners at Craigburn, where, ‘we aim to empower all students to become successful, active and confident learners, who have a strong sense of identity.’ (abridged)

At the beginning of, and throughout the school year, teachers use a variety of media to share information and student learning – including newsletters, blogs, Seesaw and more.

The evening also serves as a purpose for families to mingle and of course to chat with teachers.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.

2 thoughts on “Acquaintance Evening –  Tuesday 14th February

  1. Has the format for Acquaintance Night changed? Does the teacher talk to the parents at a given time? or do we just move through the class room?

    1. Yes Kim, a format change – we collectively felt that we wanted to provide stronger relevance for student involvement / participation which aligns with our Vision statement of empowering students to be successful learners etc. Teachers are working with students in preparing for the evening, so they will be able to provide finer detail into how this will look in your child’s class.

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