2016 Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service

At our AGM on Monday evening, we presented the 2016 Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service. Early this term, Governing Council members were asked to nominate up to three community members who they felt were worthy of being nominated for this volunteer’s award, which is now its third year.

The person who received the highest number of nominations was Lisa Slate.

Lisa has been a Craigburn parent for 8 years and over this time has been highly committed to all aspects of school life and simply, wants to make a positive difference to our school.

In 2016, Lisa convened our school’s fundraising ventures taking over the excellent work of Sheena-Margot Lavelle, where we have been able to secure new playground equipment with funds raised (to be installed near the term’s end).

Lisa has also been a keen and passionate member of our school’s Environment team, supporting the Garden Club program on Friday lunchtimes.

On behalf of our school community, we sincerely thank Lisa for her efforts and service to Craigburn and congratulate her on being the recipient of this award.

Special acknowledgement also to the many other parents who received nominations, all of whom are central to the outstanding community support we receive at Craigburn.


Paul Luke and Kerrin Burrow

On behalf of the Craigburn Primary School Governing Council.


4 thoughts on “2016 Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service

  1. Well done Lisa
    So worthy for all the awesome work you have done throughout the years.
    You are truly a superstar

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