Sapsasa Swimming

Congratulations to our 7 Craigburn swimmers, Oshana A, Evie B, Alex B, Michael C, Natalie B, Kate P and Eliza W,  who represented the school last Friday night at the Southern Heights Sapsasa Swimming Carnival. A very successful night with all of our swimmers doing their best and representing the school well. From 20 races entered our Craigburn swimmers received ribbons (finishing 1st – 4th) in 12 of the races, a very impressive effort by all.

Freestyle: 10 yr old: 1st Natalie B, 4th Kate P

Freestyle: 13 yr old: 2nd Oshana A

Breastroke: 10 yr old: 4th Kate P

Breastroke: 12yr old: 4th Evie B

Backstroke: 10yr old: 2nd Kate P, Michael. C 2nd

Backstroke: 13yr old: Oshana A

Butterfly: 10yr old: Natalie B 2nd, Eliza. W 4th, Michael C 3rd

Butterfly: 13yr old: Oshana A 1st

Congratulations to Oshana A and Natalie B who have gained selection into the District team and will represent Southern Heights Sapsasa at the Metro Swimming Carnival next week. Good luck girls.

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