Mid-Year Reports

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Tomorrow, on Wednesday 5th July, you will be receiving your child’s mid-year student report. Over recent weeks, teachers have been preparing written student reports based on assessments and evidence of student learning from the first semester.

Teachers have worked together in year level teams to ensure that grades assigned, are based on evidence of learning processes and products against the Achievement Standards within the relevant year level of Australian Curriculum.

Please note:

  • letter grades of A-E are not assigned and reported to students in Reception. The mid-year Reception report, however, provides information to families using the Foundation Year level (Reception) within the Australian Curriculum
  • Specialist teachers provide grades for an aspect of curriculum areas that classroom teachers also report on.

On the last page of the student report, teachers assign a value of either Developing, Usually, or Consistently, in various aspects of a child’s development of social skills and work habits.

Student reports represent a formal part of our reporting processes, along with parent / student interviews. We also believe ongoing and regular communication practices between parents and teachers, plays a supportive role in children’s learning.

We hope that you take some time to discuss the mid-year report with your child, to acknowledge their learning achievements and to look for areas of growth in the second half of the school year.

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