Principal News Update – Term 2 Week 10

In reaching the halfway point of the 2017 school year, it is important that students are able to reflect on what they have achieved over the first half of the year. This will of course, look different for children across all year levels. Learning achievements for some students may be in Reading and Maths and for other students it may be in Music, PE or Inquiry Learning. It even may be about improving in social skills or work habits.

Over recent weeks, teachers have been busy writing mid-year reports which will be sent home on Wednesday afternoon, as described in the attached post.

Please take time to read through the report with your child to share and recognise their learning successes as well as to reflect on areas for growth and improvement. Feel free to use these conversation starters:

  • What is something you have achieved of which you are proud?
  • What are three things you did to help your classmates?
  • What are the three most important things you learned?
  • What is something that was hard for you at the start of the year but is easy now?
  • In what area do you feel you have improved?
  • What is something you taught your teacher or classmates?
  • Of the books you read, which was your favourite? Why?
  • What was the best piece of writing that you did? Why do you think it is your best?
  • What are three describing words (adjectives) that best describe your school year so far?

Staffing Update

We thank Jackie Nelson who has been Stephanie Hook’s replacement teacher in the Year 1 class over the last 6 weeks, whilst Stephanie has recovered from knee surgery. Stephanie will be returning to normal duties from the start of Term 3.

I have been informed by our Education Director, that the Craigburn Principal position is likely to be announced to the school community on Friday, being the last day of term. A letter will be sent home with students with this announcement.

Student Free Day – Monday 24th July

A fourth and final student free day for this year will be on Monday 24th July, being the first day back of Term 3. Craigburn staff will be joining with teachers from Flagstaff Oval Preschool and Braeview Primary School in a workshop on Growth Mindsets.

The presenter is James Anderson, Australia’s leading growth mindset trainer whose work is based on renowned Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who has identified a critical component to succeeding in all aspects of life. The Growth Mindset is a common factor in the outlook of practically all high achievers. In the workshop, James Anderson will offer practical tools and strategies to help us to develop a Growth Mindset in our students.

OSHC will be open for bookings.

School Photos

Please check the recent news post regarding details.

Working Bee Thanks

A big thank you to the parents and staff who came out last Sunday and helped with preparing the raised garden beds in the environmental learning centre. Our newly appointed garden specialist Kate Washington has coordinated the preparation of over 15 beds to be managed by various classes over Term 3, ready for a Term 4 harvest.

Landscaping Project

We are anticipating that work may recommence in this space over the holidays period. We are awaiting for further updates from our DECD facilities management team.


Best wishes to all families and friends for the July school holiday period.

Kind regards, Paul Luke.

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