School Services Officers – Thank You

At Craigburn, we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of school service officers (SSOs), who play an important part in the operation of our school, caring for and supporting our students.  Most parents and caregivers would have met many our support staff, however our full team is:

Vivienne Menere (Finance), Heather McLean (Admin), Chelsee Clarke (Admin/Finance), Heather Reid (Learning Support), Bronwyn Johnson (Learning Support/Admin), Aileen Nagy, Jane Graham, Julianne Lehmann, Lorraine Lohmeyer, Glenn Draper (Learning Support), Travis Nuske (ICT) and Paul Kennedy (Grounds)

The tasks SSOs undertake on a daily / weekly / yearly basis vary with many of these tasks being the invisible, but important 1%ers.

So …… a big thank you to all of our SSOs at Craigburn. Each and every one of you is a highly valued member of our school’s staff, and are appreciated by students, teaching staff and families.

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