Lost Property

We have a growing number of Lost Property items handed in daily. Staff at the Front Office do their best to reunite any lost / misplaced items with their rightful owner, which works well when items are clearly labelled with the student’s name.

We recognise that replacing lost school and personal items such as uniforms, hats, lunch boxes, drink bottles and toys can be expensive and time consuming. We hope the following guidelines will assist your child to retrieve any item they may lose or misplace.

  • When students lose property they should visit and look in the classroom or area where they believe their property was left or last seen.
  • If they do not find their property they should then go to the Front Office.
  • All lost property with a name tag / label that is handed into the Front Office will be returned to its rightful owner by the Front Office staff.
  • Lost property that is handed into the Front Office and is not labelled will be moved to the Lost Property cupboard, located in the hallway, until the end of the school term.
  • At the end of this period all lost property will be disposed of.
  • Please remember there are over 500 students at Craigburn wearing the same uniform.  We cannot recognise items as belonging to a particular person if they are not labelled.
  • If property is labelled, it can be promptly returned to its owner via our Front Office Staff, thus avoiding distress and a costly replacement.
  • Labelling uniform is very easy to do, name tapes are best, even iron-on tapes, however, if you do not have these, just write on the label with a good quality laundry marker pen or permanent marker pen. Please use full name or initial and surname, rather than just a first name e.g. J Jones is much better than John.  Washing does erase marker pens, so please check that your child’s name has not faded on their belongings.
  • If you require further information regarding lost property please contact the front office.

Thank you for your support.

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