Sports Expo

This week we are holding our very popular Sports Expo event over 3 days. Our sports expo days are to promote Physical Education Week and highlight the importance of Health & PE to the learning and development of young children. Students will participate on 1 day with age appropriate sessions. Classes will rotate through a variety of sessions with each activity run by qualified instructors. Mini Golf and Wheelienet are to be run by classroom teachers.

Tues 24th October R-1 Day: Grimmer, Dow, Harry, Hook, Green, Adriana

Activities: Wheelienet, Tennis, Mini Golf, Soccer, Gymnastics, Athletics

Wed 25th October Yr 2-4 Day: Pinkster, Humphrys, Sporn, Bowden, O’Keefe, Khalaf, Hanna,

Activities: Wheelienet, Yoga, Mini Golf, Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Athletics

Thurs 26th October Yr 4/5-7 Day: Fischer, Hepworth, Bellette/Arney, Grant, Lemmey, Robertson

Activities: Wheelienet, Yoga, Mini Golf, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer

Timetables below:

R-1 Sports Expo 2017-1b2t67r

Yr 2 – 4 Sports Expo 2017-yay2ff

Yr 4:5 – 7 Sports Expo 2017-29p88ns

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