Craigburn’s Got Talent 2017 – Finalists

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for Craigburn’s Got Talent 2017.

It was fantastic to see the variety of performances presented and the hard work put in by all our talented students.

Below is a list of the people who have made the Final and who will be performing their item on Tuesday 5th of December. Parents are welcome to attend.

Name Yr/Class Item Details
Talia M. R Grimmer Voice How Far I Go
Tahnee M. Yr 1  Hook Voice You are My Sunshine
Maddie B., Ava W. Yr 1 Green Dance Thunder
Jesse M., Cooper W. Yr 2 Sporn J&C Superpads Original compositon
Emma C. Natalia V., Amity K. Yr 2 Sporn Dance Fireworks
Olivia B., Lily D-B., Ruby L., Imgogen S.

Yr 2/3 Hunphreys & Bowden


Dance Dominos
Charlotte C.,Evie S. Yr 3 O’Keefe Dance Don’t Stop
Shayla H., Yr 3 )’Keefe Voice Faster Car
Mia A. Yr 3 O’Keefe Ribbon Dance Ugly Heart
Scarlett  C. Yr 4 Hanna Gymnastics
Leila S., Chantal A., Isabella L, Sophia D-B, Keira T Yr 4/5 Khalaf, Bellette. Dance Get Stupid
Matilda W. Yr 4 Khalaf Voice Sugar Cane
Declan Q. Yr 7  Lemmey Piano Hokey Pokey
Ava K. Yr 7 Lemmey Dance Bortsjor
Cooper F. Yr 7 Lemmey Dance Beneath  You
Jasmin G. Yr 7 Grant Violin Gonemarial
Tahlia C. Yr 7 Grant Dance Modern Dance compilation

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