Thank you Chris

We would like to recognise and give special thanks to Chris Pawson for his dedicated commitment to Craigburn Soccer over the past 14 years.

Chris has been involved in coaching and supporting soccer at Craigburn PS since 2003 and his passion and love for the game hasn’t diminished since he first started. Initially Chris became involved as a parent and has continued to support our students long after his children left the school.

Chris has really enjoyed working with the students and families and is going to have a well deserved holiday or two away next year.

We’re sure he’ll be around from time to time to watch some of the games.

Thank you Chris. All the best with your travels next year.

One thought on “Thank you Chris

  1. Yes thank you Chris. You were an immense help to me when I was soccer co-ordinator. Enjoy a well deserved rest although somehow I think you might be back!

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