BYO iPad Program Update 2018

As you would be aware Craigburn Primary School launched a voluntary BYO iPad program for students in Years 2 – 7 in early 2016. Throughout the program we have experienced many successes while also finding some challenges along the way.

There are currently over 250 students (Years 2-7) who have taken up the program and whose families have participated in parent information / induction sessions.

We have recently updated our BYO iPad Program for 2018 (click here) and are continuing to the implement the program across Years 2 – 7.

Parent Induction Sessions

  • Induction sessions are designed for families of students in Years 2 – 7, who:
    • would like their child to participate in the program
    • whose child / children already participates – and would like a refresher course
    • would like their child to participate but have not yet purchased an iPad
  • Induction sessions are offered on the following dates/times:
    • Friday 9th February – 9.00m – 10.00am – morning session – staffroom
    • Wednesday 14th February – 9.00am – 10.0am – morning session – staffroom
    • Monday 19th February – 6.00pm – 7.00pm – evening session – staffroom
  • Please note:
    • At least one parent / carer is required to attend. It is not essential that two parents attend.
    • Only one induction session needs to be attended by parents if more than one child is participating in the program.
    • Students are not required to attend the induction  session.
    • Further induction sessions will be available on a needs basis. Please contact the school if these dates are unsuitable to arrange an alternative time
  • At the Induction session, parents will be introduced to and stepped through a ‘BYO iPad Program iTunes U Course’ – designed to provide both the parent/s and the child with immediate and easy access to the following information and resources:
    • Setting up the iPad ready for school
    • School, Parent and Student Expectations – including acceptable use agreement
    • A required core Apps List
    • Maintenance and Care
    • Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety
    • iPad Tips and Tricks
    • Troubleshooting

Register your attendance at one of these sessions via the online registration form – click link or contact the school front office – 82704144

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