Swimming Rec-Year 5 2018

Swimming lessons for Reception – Year 5 students  (Aquatics Yr. 6/7) are a compulsory DECD program that all public schools are involved in. The program is run by qualified swimming instructors employed by DECD.

Again this year Craigburn Primary students will visit the S.A. Aquatic Centre at Marion to participate in this program.

DECD Water Safety Education program provides an educational experience that:

  • is designed to encourage students to think for themselves, make good decisions and understand the consequences through simulated open water and personal survival strategies
  • promotes confidence and awareness by providing opportunities for student to develop skills and knowledge that can help to keep them and others safe in a variety of aquatic environments
  • focuses on what primary school children are able to learn in their school program to ensure they are able to save   themselves in potentially dangerous situations
  • The program is based on the belief that “If we only have one opportunity to teach kids what they should do if they fall into open water, these are the key skills they actually need to learn”

Again this year Reception – Yr. 5 swimming will be conducted over two weeks (Yr 3-5 26th to 29th March, Rec -Yr2 30th to 4th May) due to the size of our school and the facilities available at the Aquatic Centre for use e.g. pool space, changing facilities, meeting areas, appropriate bus drop off and collection times that fit within our school day times.

Please note:

  • Information and invoices have been sent home today –  Friday 23rd February.
  • The cost of swimming varies from year to year which is dependant on transport costs, pool entry fee and a small equipment levy.  DECD covers the cost of employing swimming instructors.
  • Year 3-5 students are attending 4 days as the Good Friday public holiday is that week, meaning cost is less for this group.
  • As a school we always source multiple quotes and aim to find the best option and experience for our students while also being conscious of the price for families. Unfortunately the costs associated with swimming are mostly outside of our control.


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