Volunteers Award – Congratulations Kim and Simon

At our AGM last Monday evening (5th March), we presented the 2017 Minister’s Volunteering Award for Outstanding Service to Kim and Simon Nash.

Late last year, Governing Council members were asked to nominate up to three community members who they felt were worthy of being nominated for this year’s volunteer award, which is now its fourth year.

The person/s who received the highest number of nominations were Kim and Simon Nash.

Kim and Simon have been part of the Craigburn community for 15 years and for the past 12 of these, have coordinated the after-school hours basketball program. This has involved organising teams, coaches, training / game times and in recent years, the very popular family excursion to the 36ers games.

On behalf of the Craigburn Primary School community, we sincerely thank Kim and Simon for their volunteer efforts and service to our school, where over 200 or so children have enjoyed learning the game of basketball and representing their school on weekday afternoons.

We are sure the highlights for Simon and Kim have been winning the State Sapsasa Year 6/7 boys championships twice – incredible achievements.

Special acknowledgement also to the many other parents who received nominations, all of whom are central to the outstanding community support we receive at Craigburn.

The Minister’s Volunteering Award for Outstanding Service plaque is proudly positioned inside the front admin area displaying the engraved names of past recipients.

Congratulations Kim and Simon

Paul Luke – Principal     Kerrin Burrow – Governing Council Chairperson 2017

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