Netball Registrations Closing Soon

**Netball Registrations closing soon! **

Completed registration forms must be forwarded to the school Finance Office by no later than Monday 19 March. The timeline is very tight with team nominations having to be put into the association by the end of that week.

School netball is available for both for girls and boys from Year 2 and above, commencing in early Term 2. The season is organised by the Southern Area Junior Netball Association with games being played in Terms 2 and 3 on Saturday mornings and Friday after schools at varying times and local school venues. The season commences in week 2 of Term 2 and concludes in week 6 of Term 3, there are 13 rounds this season (l less than previous years).  Saturday morning games are 9.00am for the older teams and 10.00am for the younger teams (this time slot has been changed from 10.10am).

Boys can play too!

Boys have been invited to play school netball for the last couple of seasons and we encourage any boys who would like to play to register.

Friday after school netball

Friday after school games (4.10pm) is an option for year 5, 6 and 7 teams.  Craigburn has not participated in this time slot before, however this year we are opening it up as an option.  There is an additional line on the registration form for year 5,6 & 7 players to complete where they need to indicate if they can play Saturday morning only, Friday after school only or either day.  A Friday after school team nomination will only occur if there are enough players who are available to fill a team.

Please note:

  • Teams are nominated and registered in accordance with SAJNA guidelines, Craigburn Sports Policy based on age, year-level and the degree of player experience.
  • Placement of players in teams are determined by the netball coordinators, team coaches and school personnel.
  • Game times are Saturday mornings or Friday after school if there is enough interest.
  • Training days and times are determined by the Coordinators in consultation with team coaches – once teams have been finalised. Parents will be contacted at the earliest opportunity.
  • The times for each quarter have been reduced this year from 12 minutes to 10 minute quarters.

Netball Registration Forms 2018 are available by clicking here or are available from the Front Office. Completed registration forms must be forwarded to the school Finance Office by no later than Monday 19 March. Team nominations have to be put into the association by the end of that week.  The netball fee of $60 can be made either via the Qkr app or at the Finance Office.

To support communication channels we ask parents to include an email address, two contact phone numbers plus another emergency contact on the Netball Registration Form 2018

Please note that all teams require a coach and team manager. Without these positions filled, teams will not be eligible to play. Should you wish to nominate yourself to coach/assistant coach or manage a team, please indicate in the appropriate place on the Netball Registration Form 2018 or email at the address below.

If you have any questions please contact the Netball Coordinator.

Tamara Armstrong – 0432 408 556 –

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