Landscaping Project Update

We are pleased to report that the landscaping project, adjacent to Murrays Hill Rd entrance, is nearing completion. The remaining tasks include the installation of fencing, along with the completion of the weed-matted areas.

As previously mentioned, the project managed by the Department’s Asset Services has been designed to improve and upgrade pedestrian and vehicle access from the top entrance of the school as well as to control and stabilise soil on a sloping site.

As the project impacted on the pre-existing bin enclosure, we sought advice and support from the Department’s Security team, to upgrade the bin enclosure to provide safe access and storage of school bins.

Unfortunately, there was no provision within the scope of the project to increase the number of parking spaces in the staff carpark.

We look forward to the completion of the project in coming weeks and for families to be able to safely access the school grounds from the top entrance.



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