The Weekly Wrap

To Note

  • Welcome back to Term 3 – we hope all students and staff enjoyed the school holidays and are ready for the term ahead.
  • School Photos – Tuesday 31st July
  • Well done to all students and families who supported our casual day charity fundraiser on the last day of term supporting the Tracky Dack Day TLC for Kids campaign.
  • The top entrance is now finally open. We thank everyone for their patience over the last 18 months. There remains ongoing landscaping to undertake, most likely once winter finishes.
  • The online school calendar has been updated for the term ahead.
  • Canteen News – Price List Update.
  • Congratulations and well done to students who performed at the Voice / Instrumental Music concerts in the last week of term, enjoyed by parents and families who attended.
  • Our Senior Choir will be performing at the Festival of Music on Wednesday September 19th 7:30 pm, with the concert rehearsal at 9:35am – 12:15pm. Congratulations and well done to Jasmine G (B12) who is in the South Troupe, performing in six of the performances and also to Natalie B(B12) who was successful at the solo auditions and will be performing the Djapana solo on Wednesday September 26th.
  • Special welcome to the Viney, Werner and Collins families who start at Craigburn this term.

Staffing Update

  • Terri Green (Year 1) will be on leave / away for the first week and a half of the term. Petra Fokkens will be taking the class.
  • Janis O’Keefe will be on leave mid week 2 and 3 – Petrea Fokkens in.
  • We welcome Mr Cameron Wright, who will be teaching Year ¾ class, whilst Mike Hanna is on leave.
  • Bronwyn Johnson SSO will be taking on front office duties for the term, whilst Heather M is on leave.
  • Amy Bennett continues teaching the Year ¾ clss for Terms 3 and 4 with Chantelle McMahon continuing to teach on Fridays.
  • Year 6/7 teacher Alison Hamilton continues to teach alongside Hazel Robertson on Thursday / Fridays for Weeks 1-4, whilst John Spurr continues leave from teaching duties. Jodie Rohrlach continues in Andrea Grant’s class on Wednesdays.
  • Mrs Tara Bell continues to work at Craigburn on Thursday and Friday, teaching science for Year 1 & 2s on Thursday / Friday mornings – as well as teaching  Miss Bennett’s and Miss Woolford’s classes on Thursday / Friday afternoons.
  • If you haven’t caught up with the news – Mrs Pinkster will now be referred to as Mrs Wright and with Mr Wright will expecting their first child in late December / early January. Congratulations Anita and Cameron.

Staff Car Park

  • We are in the process of finalising a safe traffic management policy for the school, with information for parents and school staff regarding the use of the staff car park and drop off / pick up zones.
  • We ask that parents / caregivers who use the OSHC facility to refrain from using the staff car park between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm and park in the drop off / pick up zones.
  • More details to follow.

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.


Paul Luke – Principal


  • Tuesday 24/7
    • Year 2 Incursion Farmer Darcy
  • Thursday 26/7
    • ICAS English Competition
    • Year 6/7 SAPSASA Basketball
  • Friday 27/7
    • Whole School Assembly – welcome and present badges to Semester 2 SRC members
  • Sunday 29/7
    • Pedal Prix – Victoria Park
  • Tuesday 31/7
    • School Photos
    • Korean Homestay program begins
  • Thursday 9/8
    • ICAS Maths Competition
  • Monday 13/8
    • School Photo Make Up Day
    • SSO Week begins
    • Science Week begins
    • Governing Council
  • Wednesday 15/8
    • Year 2/3/4 Assembly 10.00am
    • Reception / Year 1 Assembly 2.15pm
  • Thursday 16/8
    • Book Week incursion
  • Friday 17/8
    • Year 5/6/7 Team Assembly
  • Monday 20/8
    • Book Week Starts
    • Footsteps Starts – Reception to Year 5
  • Wednesday 22/8
    • School Tour
    • SAPSASA District Athletics
  • Friday 24/8
    • Book Week Dress Up Day
  • Monday 27/8 – Wednesday 29/8
    • Year 3/4 Camp at Woodhouse
  • Thursday 30/8
    • Fathers Day Stall
  • Friday 31/8
    • School Closure / Show Day
  • Monday 3/9
    • Pupil Free Day


  • Canteen Volunteers needed.
  • Craigburn Beanies – available for purchase.
  • Please check the lost property stall in the hallway adajcent to the school canteen for any items that may have been misplaced during Term 2.


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  1. Please note the year 3/4 camp at Woodhouse is actually in August, not July as stated in the weekly wrap. Mon 27/8 to Wed 29/8.

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