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We are well into Term 3 with much happening  across various year levels. Typically, at this time of the year there are many student absences (and staff ones as well), with winter viruses and the odd gastro bug floating around too. Despite these winter ailments, students and staff continue to participate in a range of activities and events in addition to their regular learning programs including:

Korean HomeStay Program

We are now entering the last week of our highly successful South Korean study tour. All of the visiting students have had a rewarding and enriching time with our host families.

Last Monday, we hosted a BBQ with Blackwood Primary and their Korean students. This was well received and it was great to mix and chat with other families in our local community.

The students went for a trip into Adelaide city centre last Wednesday, coordinated by Andrea Grant and Mark Lemmey. This Wednesday, they will getting a bus to Cleland Wildlife Park for an educational tour with native animals.

Our ‘buddy’ system for these Korean students has been particularly successful and our participating Craigburn students have also found this to be a rewarding experience.

We will have a farewell assembly on Friday afternoon before the students leave early Saturday morning. The Korean students will be presented with certificates and a gift from our school.

School Camps

Camps and excursions are some of the value added learning experiences students participate in during their years at Craigburn. We are very fortunate that teachers at Craigburn willingly and voluntarily give their time and effort to organise and manage school camps. Teachers consider school camps to be positive learning experiences for students and are grateful for families who support them. Parent support on school camps is also greatly appreciated.

Aside from the Year 7 Canberra Camp, our Year 3/4, 5, and 6 students have the opportunity to attend school camps this term and next.

We appreciate the generosity of our teachers and support from parents and caregivers in offering these rich experiences for our students.

Wellbeing and Engagement Collection

This week students Years 4-7 students will participate in the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection. The purpose of the annual survey is to seek students’ views about their wellbeing and their engagement with school.  Students in year levels 4 to 9 across the state will be participating in the Collection.

The survey asks students about their social and emotional wellbeing; school relationships and engagement and learning in school; and physical health and wellbeing and after school activities. Answers are kept confidential – no one will use the results to identify individual students.

The school will receive a report based on students collated responses. The information collected will help inform the health and wellbeing work we undertake with our students at Craigburn, in our South Valley Partnership of Schools and  in the education system and broader community. Young people’s sense of wellbeing is an important part of their development and how they learn at school.

NAPLAN Online Readiness Trial

Craigburn is preparing for NAPLAN online, with the readiness trial to be undertaken in coming weeks. The aim of the readiness trial is to find out how the school’s ICT hardware (devices) and infrastructure (ICT network) handle multiple students/classes accessing a trial version of NAPLAN online.

For this trial no student results are marked or shared.

It is interesting to note that next year when all students at Craigburn complete NAPLAN online, Year 3 students will still do a paper based writing test. All other year levels and tests will be completed online.

Student Free Day – Technologies Curriculum

On the last Friday of Term 2 (Student Free Day) staff were involved in professional learning about the new Technologies curriculum.

Ben Jucius, project manager for University of Adelaide’s Computer Science Educational Research (CSER) Group worked with staff on 3 key elements throughout the day. These included:

  1. introducing the Digital Technologies curriculum
  2. online learning using digital technology/STEM tools
  3. Using and trialling (hands on) STEM/digital learning resources including lots of coding tools e.g. Makey Makeys, Spheros

Staff enjoyed trying out the different STEM resources in the afternoon and are looking forward to sharing their learning from the day as part of their learning programs.

PAT Assessments

The Australian Council for Education Research’s Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) are an Australian, nationally normed series of tests designed to provide objective, norm-referenced information to teachers about students’ skills and understandings.

Students in years 3 to 10 are required to undertake the online PAT Reading comprehension (PAT-R) and Maths (PAT-M) tests annually.

PAT assessments are to be conducted in weeks 7 to 10 of Term 3. Annual September PAT provides teachers with timely information for learning design in Term 4 and the following year.

Unlike NAPLAN, PAT assessment data is not designed for, or readily shared with parents. The aim of the student data is to inform teacher practice.



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