Book Week 2018


This year’s theme is ‘Find Your Treasure.’

Each year across Australia, The CBCA(Children’s Book Council of Australia) brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Children’s Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children’s literature.

During this time your child will be involved in the Book Week character dress up day, attending a whole school incursion and a Book Fair.

Book Character Dress Up Day

The Book Week character dress up day will be held on Friday 24thAugust with a whole school assembly at 9.15am to showcase student costumes.  This year’s theme, Find my Treasure, is an exciting one that enables students to use their imagination by choosing to come dressed as a favourite book character (perhaps a book that they treasure) or something associated with the Find my Treasure theme.

Book Week Incursion including Authors, Illustrators and an Artist in Residence

The incursion will involve authors, illustrators and an Artist in Residence, all focusing on the passion of Reading, Writing and Illustrating.

Allayne Webster will be working with Year 6/7 students on becoming an author and involving them in a creative writing session suitable only for these older students.

Adam Cece will be conducting  sessions for Years 3-5 called Spark the Spark inspiring children to Read and Write.  He will talk a little about himself being an Author, then show some book trailers. Adam would also like to talk about his insiprations and where he gets his ideas from.  He would also like to work with students to do a simple story generation exercise and also a first lines exercise.  It would be great if students could bring their pencil cases and a book to write this exercise in.  Usually in a 45 minute session Adam allows either question and answer time or if time permits he reads a chapter from one of his books.

Kelly Hibbert (Author) and Amanda Graham (Illustrator) will be working together in classrooms with R-2 students, sharing a story and involving the students in becoming an Illustrator by creating their own illustrations.  Two classes will work together with Kelly and Amanda in one classroom with students being able to access both tables and floor areas. An Illustrator Masterclass for six year two students from Ms Humphries, Ms Wright and Ms Sporn’s classes will work with Kelly and Amanda in the last session of the day so that they are able to take the activity back to their classes the following day to work in groups to show other students the techniques they have learned.

Clare Richards is our Artist in Residence. She will be working in the Resource Centre to create a piece of Art based on the theme of Find your Treasure so that students can pop in and see the progressive stages of creating this Artwork.

Scholastic Book Fair

We will also be holding a Scholastic Book Fair where your child will be  able to purchase affordable books from the Fair. They will be given the opportunity to complete a wish list and bring it home to discuss with you.  Then they simply bring the money to the Resource Centre to purchase the book. Should we sell all copies of a particular book that your child wishes to purchase an order will be placed for them and the book given to them when it arrives at the school.

As the Book Fair is such a valuable event we have decided to run it from Thursday 23rd August until Tuesday 28th so we can maximise the opportunities for children and families to purchase books.  The Resource Centre will be open from 8.30 am for before school purchases and from 3.10-3.30pm for after school purchases.

There are many wonderful shortlisted books that students will have the opportunity to share in their classroom and then later to borrow. Six books from each category are short listed, including Early Childhood, Picture Books, Younger Readers and Picture Books.

Important Dates to remember:

  • 16th August – Authors and Illustrators (Adam Cece, Kelly Hibbert,, Amanda Graham & Allayne Webster) and Artist in Residence, Clare Richards
  • 23rd Thursday August, Tuesday 28th August – Scholastic Book Fair
  • 18th August-Winning Books Announced
  • 24th August – Friday – Book Week Dress Up Day – Assembly from 9.15am.

Regards, Sue Jones

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