NAPLAN online -preparing for 2019 and beyond

Please take the time to read the following information about NAPLAN online from the Department of Education:

NAPLAN online -privacy collection notice

Moving to NAPLAN Online in 2019

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) takes place each year for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 and has been an everyday part of the school calendar since 2008.

NAPLAN helps parents, carers and educators to see if children are meeting important numeracy and literacy standards.

From this year, students across Australia will gradually start to complete their NAPLAN tests online via a computer or another electronic device, such as a tablet, rather than using the traditional paper and pencil.

Moving online brings many benefits and opportunities including providing better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information.

More information on NAPLAN Online is available at

Readiness testing activities

A critical step in preparing for NAPLAN online is schools’ participation in readiness testing activities.

The purpose of readiness testing activities is to ensure your child is familiar with their device and the online test environment, as well as to test school and national infrastructure systems and processes.

Readiness testing is not another NAPLAN and will not formally assess students who participate in the test. Any reports generated will be used for testing purposes only.

Readiness testing activities may involve students who are participating in NAPLAN in 2018 or will participate in 2019.

Collection of personal information

Schools are required by law to collect personal information about you and your child, irrespective of whether your child participates in NAPLAN testing.

In your child’s enrolment form, you gave consent for your school to provide this personal information to government departments and their agents for educational purposes.

The purpose of this notice is to advise parents and carers of how your child’s personal information will be used for NAPLAN Online in 2019, and as part of readiness activities scheduled at various times leading up to the test in May 2019.

Disclosure of personal information

For every student participating in readiness activities and online testing, the following personal information will be uploaded by the Department for Education, as the Test Administration Authority, to the NAPLAN Online Assessment Platform (‘Assessment Platform’):

  • student name
  • local school student identifier
  • school name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • country of birth
  • language background other than English
  • residential address
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
  • parent’s occupation, education and language background.

Students participating in NAPLAN Online may also have personal information collected regarding disability adjustments to enable them to access and participate in NAPLAN testing.

The personal information for students who are exempted, absent or withdrawn from NAPLAN online testing is collected and used for reporting purposes.

Disclosure of personal information

The Assessment Platform is managed by Education Services Australia (ESA).

ESA is a not-for-profit company jointly owned by the Australian education ministers. ESA is subject to rigorous information privacy and data security obligations under its contract with the Department of Education and is only permitted access to student personal information for the purposes of managing the Assessment Platform.

Security and privacy are key requirements for the delivery of national testing. The online system has been designed to comply with relevant national data security policies and guidelines, as well as data encryption standards.

ESA only has access to personal information from a relevant school, Test Administration Authority or the Australian schools list for the primary purpose of fulfilling ESA’s role in supporting the operation of the Assessment Platform.

For further information, the privacy policy for each agency may be found at their respective websites:

  • ESA:
  • Department for Education:


Access and correction

To request access or correction to personal information collected for NAPLAN and held by schools please contact your school principal in the first instance.


Complaints about a breach of privacy by a school should be directed in writing to the school principal. Speak with your school principal if you have any questions about this information.

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