South Korean Homestay Program

The end has come for our South Korean homestay program but what a fantastic trip they had! The seven Year 6/7 students had a lovely time with our host families and  learnt a lot about the Australian way of life and the English language. A big thank you goes out to the families of Kira Blaiklock, Oli Wauer, and Elysia Arhondidis, the Smith family and Andrea Grant.

We also have to say a big thank you also to our school buddies who were able to help the students integrate fully into Craigburn school life. They buddies made our Korean visitors time at school relaxed and enjoyable.

Here are some reflections the program:

  • It was a great experience and I really enjoyed spending time with Jasmine, learning about her life in Korea and sharing what we do with her. We got along really well and I have made a new friend. I would love to host an international student again. Kira, host student.
  • Hosting an international student far exceeded what I could have imagined.  The sharing of cultures and seeing the friendships form were the highlights for me. I would definitely be interested in hosting an international student again. Alison, host parent.
  • Being a buddy for a Korean student meant that I got to know a lot about Korean culture and a new found knowledge of what Australia is like for other people. Evie.
  • Sharing my hometown with SooJin and Gyurhee was really special. From stargazing at night, to frolicking at the beach, exploring the central markets and visiting Cleland Wildlife Park, I feel like I have seen Adelaide through the eyes of a visitor and  a newfound appreciation for where I live. Andrea – host parent.
  • We had never hosted an international student before but I thought I would be able to understand some of the challenges of being a guest in another country and home due to my own experiences as a homestay traveller.  Having  friendly, supportive people can make a difference to how a traveller perceives the experience as well as the culture of the country.  Having Yeon-Woo was a learning experience for the whole family. We learned about Korean culture and Yeong-Woo learned about being an Aussie kid. My children learned about  looking out for someone else and dealing with a different home dynamic. They  were amazed at Yeong-Woo’s courage to be away from  her family and country. This definitely made them reflect on their own resilience and independence. In addition, we had an excuse to be a “tourist in our own town” and showcase Australian culture and traditions.  I would highly recommend being a host family. Anyone who has some time and a room to spare would benefit. Valerie – host parent.

We will be looking out for hosts in 2019 – watch this space!

Hazel Robertson

Senior Leader




2 thoughts on “South Korean Homestay Program

  1. Tyla was a buddy during school hours only, we regretted not having a student stay with us. We had them over for dinner one night and found the girls were just lovely. We were amazed with their english too! They loved it here in Australia.

    1. It was great having Tyla involved as a buddy, Erika, and thank you for having the girls over for dinner.

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